The most effective methods of contraception

The most effective methods of contraception
Jul 30, 2020

Modern people like to plan everything: studying, career, vacations, and family. That is why methods of contraception are so diverse for any preferences and desires of the patients. At present times, there are barrier, chemical, biological, hormonal, combined methods, and intrauterine contraceptive devices. In all this variety, everyone can choose the best and most effective method of contraception to enjoy all the delights of intimacy with their loved ones without risks of unwanted pregnancy. In this article, we will concentrate on three of the most popular and efficient contraceptives.


This is the most ancient way to prevent unwanted pregnancy by not allowing the sperm to get inside the uterus. Modern medicine offers an incredible variety of such contraception: vaginal diaphragm, cervical caps, contraceptive sponge, and condoms. In present times, the last method gains more and more popularity, and we will explain to you why.

  • Does not require a specialist’s consultation or prescription
  • Almost does not have contraindications or side effects
  • Has high efficiency of pregnancy prevention
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Protects from AIDS, HIV, and most of the venereal diseases


The second place we have granted to modern hormonal methods. First of all, these are different pills, which suppress ovarian activity. A woman should apply to a doctor, who will help her to choose the appropriate drug. Then, she has to take the pills every day to prevent pregnancy.

One of the greatest benefits of this contraception method is that it copes with its purpose very effectively, does not cause any physical discomfort, and what is even more effective, does not hurt the feelings during the love intercourse like in the case with condoms. However, it does not provide any protection against AIDS and venereal decease.

Hormonal implants like Nexplanon. It enjoys the same benefits as contraceptive pills and even more as the woman does not have to take any pills every day. The hormone is inserted in the forearm and gradually releases the hormones to prevent pregnancy. The duration of effect is quite impressive – from three to five years at an affordable Nexplanon implant price – just €300 at


This method of contraception is not relatively new, and the beginning of its history goes back to 1909. However, at first, it was not comfortable, caused a lot of troubles, and did not use popularity among females until the introduction of inert and flexible plastic in 1960.

The theories of the mechanism of action of the IUD intrauterine devices.

  • The theory of abortive action. Under the influence of the IUD, the endometrium is traumatized, prostaglandins are released, the muscle tone of the uterus increases, which leads to the expulsion of the embryo in the early stages of implantation.
  • Theory of accelerated peristalsis. The IUD strengthens the contractions of the fallopian tubes and uterus, so the fertilized egg enters the uterus prematurely. The trophoblast is still defective. The endometrium is not prepared to receive a fertilized egg, as a result of which implantation is impossible.
  • Theory of aseptic inflammation. The IUD as a foreign body causes leukocyte infiltration of the endometrium. The resulting inflammatory changes in the endometrium prevent implantation and further development of blastocysts.
  • The theory of spermatoxic action. Leukocyte infiltration is accompanied by an increase in the number of macrophages that carry out phagocytosis of spermatozoa. The addition of copper and silver to the IUD enhances the spermatoxic effect. The theory of enzyme disorders in the endometrium.

Currently, there are more than 50 types of intrauterine devices made of plastic and metal, which differ from each other in rigidity, shape, and size. At our website, you can find Mirena intrauterine contraceptive, Jaydess Skyla, Nexplanon implant, and Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD.

Possible side effects of intrauterine devices

  • Discomfort
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Bloody issues

One of the greatest benefits of these contraceptive devices, except their efficiency, is an incredible duration of effect, which may last up to ten years with some brands.

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