What Is the Role of Copper in Copper T?

What Is the Role of Copper in Copper T?
Sep 10, 2021

The intrauterine device (IUD) Copper T is a contraceptive device. There are two types of IUDs: copper or non-hormonal and hormonal. Now, this type of contraceptive is one of the most popular and in-demand contraception methods as they are comfortable in daily usage, do not spoil the quality of sexual life, are highly effective and long-lasting. To understand whether intrauterine devices may be the right contraception method particularly for you, you should, first of all, have a clear picture of what it is, how it works, what its benefits and cons are, what the difference between copper and hormonal IUD. So, let us get down to the subject right away.

What is Copper T?

A copper IUD is most often a soft T-shaped twig made of artificial material, which is wrapped around with copper thread. The device is inserted by the doctor during the course of menstruation into the uterus and stays there for three to five years, depending on the model. With the help of the slightest excretion of copper, spermatozoa lose their activity on the way to the egg since their mobility and ability to move are limited, as well as the eggs. Therefore, an ectopic pregnancy is also a very rare case with this method of contraception. When exposed to the spiral, the mucous membrane of the uterus also lends itself to influence, and therefore the possibility of shrinkage of the fertilized egg in the uterus is prevented. It is for this reason that the copper coil can be used as emergency contraception after unprotected intercourse.

Thus, copper IUD is a non-hormonal contraceptive, where instead of progestogen or levonorgestrel is used copper – an active substance in Copper T. Is copper a better and more effective method of family planning or not? Let us have a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of a copper intrauterine device.

What are the Advantages of Copper IUD?

1. Long term use of Copper T IUD

During intercourse, after installing the copper IUD, you no longer have to think about contraceptive methods, as you have already got an effective pregnancy prevention contraceptive for the next 5 years.

2. Stable hormonal background

Your hormonal balance is not affected in any way. Since copper T does not contain any hormones, it can be used even during breastfeeding. The consistency and quantity of milk will not be affected.

3. No daily discomfort

Except for safety and long-term usage, copper IUD is very comfortable for everyday usage since you should not insert, remove, or control something on a daily basis, and second, you will not even feel it while walking, jogging, doing sports, or having sex with your partner. If there are painful feelings or any kind of discomfort, it means that the IUD has been inserted incorrectly or has been moved from the place of insertion. In such cases, you should schedule an appointment with your OB-GYN doctor and have the IUD reinserted.

4. High efficiency for pregnancy prevention

Many years of trials and thousands of satisfied patients worldwide claim that copper IUD shows an excellent level of efficiency for family planning and preventing pregnancy of almost 99 percent. It means that a woman who has had her copper IUD inserted can enjoy a full sexual life with her partner for almost 5 years, having no fear of getting pregnant as the chances are miserable.

What are the Cons of Copper T for Birth Control?

1. No protection from STDs

Unfortunately, copper IUD as well as hormonal IUDs, and many other contraception methods that do not belong to the physical barrier protection cannot eliminate the risk of catching any sexually transmitted disease. So, it makes this kind of contraceptive more suitable for patients with one stable partner. If you are not sure about your partner, we recommend using some additional emergency contraception like condoms. The same story is about catching a pelvic infection.

2. Changes in the menstrual circle

Since the copper IUD is placed into the uterus, it may alter its functions and work. One of such changes is the alteration of the menstrual pattern. It may be manifested by excessive and irregular vaginal bleeding, breast sensitivity, irregular menstruation, no periods, and so on.

3. Possibility of developing inflammation in the first weeks after installation

An IUD is a foreign body that is inserted inside the organism, so at the beginning, there is an increased risk of negative reactions from the side of the body, and one of them is the development of inflammation in the vagina or other vaginal organs.

4. Age restrictions

IUDs are not for everybody. Mainly, doctors do not recommend copper T contraceptives for young female patients who have not given birth yet. It is explained by the fact that the insertion of the IUD may have certain side effects, one of which is the development of diseases of the pelvic organs, which sometimes may need a surgical intervention that is extremely undesirable for young girls.

What is the Level of Copper T Effectiveness for Pregnancy Prevention?

The copper IUD is a very reliable and always reversible method of contraception (copper intrauterine device removal is possible at any time). The first ultrasound examination should be performed between 4 and 12 weeks after the insertion of the IUD into the uterus. After that, after six months, your doctor should check that the IUD is placed and positioned correctly. After each menstrual cycle, you can also observe for yourself whether the copper strands are felt on the outer os of the uterus, and thus the coil itself is still in the uterus.

Where Can I Get Copper T?

The copper IUD is a medication obtained only with the help of a doctor’s recommendation and has to be inserted and or removed only by a professional and experienced health care professional. If you want to buy Copper T online, you can visit AlvaMedic online store that the best and the most effective hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptives to prevent pregnancy from the world’s most reliable manufacturers:

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