SMB Copper T 380A IUD

SMB Copper T380A is an effective means of intrauterine contraception from the Indian manufacturer SMB (India), Tyvek Mylar Film Pouch, which, thanks to many years of experience, has established itself in the world market as one of the best manufacturers of medical products.

This contraceptive device has a T-shape and is made of a compound of low-density polyethylene and barium sulfate, and is also wrapped in pure (99%)  0.25mm diameter copper wire, which makes the spiral visible for ultrasound and X-ray machines and allows you to control the correct positioning. This product is made on a double spiral system, which allows it to be securely fixed in the uterine cavity.

For quick installation and comfortable removal, two special monofilament threads have been thought out in the spiral design, which also allows you to control the location of the product.

It should be noted that the restoration of fertility after the removal of the SMB Copper T Cu 380A coil occurs within three months.

The leg of the IUD is entwined with a thin copper wire with a total weight of 176 mg; two copper sleeves are put on its horizontal shoulders. The total area of ​​the active metal surface is 380mm2 ± 23mm2. A double polyethylene thread is attached to the leg of the intrauterine device, which makes it possible to indicate the presence of a spiral in the uterus and facilitates its removal if necessary or at the end of its service life.

The contraceptive effect of the T-shaped spiral with copper is associated with the mechanical effect on the uterine mucosa and the biological effect of the metal. The pressure of the anchor of the IUD on the endometrium causes its structural change, which creates conditions unfavorable for the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Copper ions increase the viscosity of cervical mucus, impede the penetration of sperm into the uterus and reduce their motor activity, thereby reducing the likelihood of “meeting” the egg.

Inert plastic coils, previously used for contraception, increased the risk of ectopic pregnancy; the addition of copper to intrauterine contraceptives reduced this risk to a minimum.

T-coil with Copper Indications

The T-shaped intrauterine device SMB Copper has standard dimensions. The length of the spiral arms is 32 mm, the leg length is 36 mm. The intrauterine device fits most women and is recommended for use in the following cases:

• Women who are not interested in childbearing in the coming years;

• Women at risk of ectopic pregnancy;

Installation of the SMB Copper TCu 380A intrauterine device does not differ from that when using other IUDs. The contraceptive is inserted into the uterus using the supplied guide tube. The small diameter of the tube allows the procedure to be carried out without anesthesia and preliminary expansion of the cervical canal. Upon completion of intrauterine contraception, the “mustache” coil is removed from the uterus.

Effectiveness of the Contraceptive Device

The SMB Copper T model is a 99% effective intrauterine contraceptive device.

It does not affect the woman’s hormonal system and is a safe contraceptive for breast feeding patients.

Benefits of SMB Copper T 380A for Birth Control

  • Proven, safe, reversible;
  • Easy for placement;
  • Long service life (up to 8 years)
  • Hormone-free;
  • Highly convenient;
  • Immediate effective;
  • Easy removal at any time per request of the patient;
  • Doesn’t require daily maintenance;
  • Safe contraceptive for breastfeeding women;
  • No-touch insertion technology;
  • After removing, conception is possible;
  • Can be used in women for whom hormonal contraception is contraindicated;
  • The coil remains in place until removed by a doctor;
  • Safe for all women, including adolescents and women over 40;
  • Safe after abortion or miscarriage in the absence of infection;
  • Safe for women with genital inflammatory diseases in the absence of infection;
  • Safe for HIV-infected women on antiretroviral therapy and clinically healthy.

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