Nexplanon 68mg 1 Implant

On the market of contraceptive drugs and remedies, Nexplanon is a wonderful alternative for women who want to lead a sexually active life and do not hurry to get pregnant. A long-acting, safe, and comfortable hormonal contraceptive perfectly suits the needs and demands of modern women.

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Nexplanon Contraceptive Implant Review

Nexplanon is an innovative hormonal birth control method in the form of a subcutaneous implant that is placed on the inside of the upper non-dominant arm for birth control. The implant is a tiny and flexible 4-centimeter plastic rod with etonogestrel hormone. The insertion and removal of the implant should be performed by a professional and specially trained health care provider.

The hormonal implant constantly releases a small amount of the corpus luteum hormone into the blood, which prevents the ovum from separating from the ovaries and causes changes in the composition of the cervical mucus, which in turn complicates the entrance of the sperm cells into the uterus. Nexplanon implant provides pregnancy prevention effect up to 36 months.

Nexplanon 68mg 1 Implant Indications

Nexplanon implant fits for women:

  • who wish to prevent pregnancy for a long time;
  • who for any reason are unable or unwilling to use birth control pills;
  • who are breastfeeding;
  • preferred for females with heavy menstruation.

The contraceptive effect of Nexplanon appears right away after installation. The procedure of implant installation and removal is performed under local anesthesia under aseptic conditions. Nexplanon is placed under the skin on the inside of the forearm of a non-dominant hand (the hand the patient doesn’t write with). The best time to install Nexplanon is 1-5 days of the woman’s normal menstrual bleeding pattern, but this is not a compulsory rule. After the procedure, the implant is felt under the skin. After the procedure, a gauze pad with a sterile pressure bandage will be placed to prevent bruising. The patient can remove the pressure bandage after 24 hours and the small patch at the implant site after three days.

Contraindications to Nexplanon Etonogestrel Implant 68 mg Insertion

The patients cannot use Nexplanon if they have at least one of the described below cases:

  • allergy to the corpus luteum hormone contained in the implant;
  • thrombosis;
  • the history of jaundice;
  • genital or breast cancer;
  • vaginal bleeding.

Possible Risks and Side Effects of Nexplanon

  • Changes in menstrual bleeding patterns may occur – disappear, become irregular, rare, frequent, prolonged, or, in rare cases, strong. The pattern of bleeding during the first three months usually determines the pattern of subsequent bleeding. If changes in the menstrual cycle interfere with your daily life, then you can remove the implant;
  • When installing or removing Nexplanon, bruising, pain, swelling, or itching may occur, and in rare cases, inflammation, a scar, or an abscess may form at the site of the implant;
  • The implant may be displaced from its original insertion site. In such cases, locating the implant can be difficult, and a larger incision will be required to remove it;
  • Filled sacs or cysts can form in the ovaries. They usually disappear on their own. They sometimes cause mild abdominal pain. Only in rare cases can they cause more serious disturbances. If you experience severe abdominal pain, contact your doctor;
  • Thrombosis. This is the formation of a blood clot in a blood vessel. In the case of Nexplanon, the risk of thrombosis is lower than during pregnancy, and when combined, contraceptive pills are used, which, in addition to the corpus luteum hormone, also contain estrogen. At the same time, if you notice possible signs of thrombosis, such as severe pain or swelling of one leg, chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing up blood, you should contact your doctor;
  • Pregnancy. It happens very rarely. If you become pregnant and want to keep the pregnancy, it is recommended to get rid of the implant.

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